I highly recommend Dr. Tracey. She is patient, smart, kind and very easy to talk to, even when you are very angry. She projects such a powerful sense of strength, gentleness and fairness that even the most difficult conversations move forward productively. . She has been an important part of my family's healing.

Tamara, Famington Hills, MI

As a family law attorney I have had the opportunity to refer clients to Dr. Stulberg. Without fail Dr. Stulberg always makes a difference in the lives of these people. She is honest, caring, and always gives people straight answers. I recommend Dr. Stulberg.

Michael, Livonia, MI

Dr. Stulberg has helped save and revitalize my marriage. She is direct, energetic and to-the-point. She helped us feel comfortable discussing issues that we'd never verbalized in the past. Hearing my wife and I talk about these and other differences in our relationship, has helped us identify behavior traits and has tooled-us with better ways to manage our relationship and increase our happiness. She was referred to us by our friends, who also had GREAT success with Dr. Stulberg. A sincere and heart-felt "Thank You!" to Dr. Stulberg; you and your coaching will never be forgotten.

Anna, Royal Oak, MI

I highly recommend Tracey for family counseling. My ex-wife and I do not see eye to eye on many issues. Even though Tracey was court appointed, I feel that visiting Tracey is one issue that we are in agreement. Tracey has a no-nonsense approach to making children take responsibility for their actions. She utilizes age appropriate techniques so that the children understand their behavior and then she works to alter behavior so that it is acceptable to your family.

Taylor, Clarkston, MI

Dr. Tracy is Great we had a fantastic experience. We would recommend her to anyone that is dealing with family issues. Also her business location is great and fantastic.

Chad, Royal Oak, MI

I first met Dr Stulberg when my step-son got engaged to a woman whose family was in crisis. Dr Stulberg helped not only with the emotional trauma that the family was going through but she also helped us figure out the legal issues . She goes above and beyond the 45 minute session and is truely invested in each of her clients. She worked with us as a complete family ,working through many issues. She had counseling availiable to assisted with the upcoming marriage, the blending of the famlies and the past famiy trauma that had occurred. She had help for the teenage daughter and the two preteen boys. She had goup thearpy sessions available for each individual’s needs and family sessions including any extended family who wanted to be heard. She listened to all imput and was very discerning with good practical advice. I highly recommend if your family is in crisis or if you just have a few issues to work through that you seek the help of Dr Stulberg.

Iva, Oxford, MI

I was very pleased with not only the speed in which Dr. Stulberg returned my call, but also the speed in which she zeroed in on the underlying issues I am dealing with. I felt very comfortable talking to her and felt that she really understood what was going on in my life. I was not sure what to expect (not having seen a therapist before) and was very happy I did. I only needed to see her a few times and am now working on the issues we discussed. I would and have recommended her services to others. I also liked the online scheduling ability.

Anonymous, Birmingham, MI

My family and I have seen Tracey for issues with my children. I couldn't have asked for a better therapist. She is understanding, but always honest and open. We most definitely would NOT be in a good place in our lives without her help. My daughter and myself still have the need to talk to her on and off, due to the great bonds we have made with her. I would recommend Tracey to anyone trying to work through difficulties within their family unit. I have sent people I know personally to her, and had great responses. Thank you, Tracey!

Donna Barber, Waterford, MI.

I am glad I received a recommendation to go to Tracey when I was looking for a therapist for my teenage daughter. Tracey is open, easy to talk to and non-judgemental, and immediately related to my daughter. She has turned out to be an outstanding advocate. My daughter loves her and feels strengthened every time she talks with Tracey. Tracey has encouraged an open dialogue with the whole family as she feels this will be a benefit for my daughter, and Tracey's focus is always on what is going to be best for my daughter.

Anonymous, Troy, MI

Tracey is a no-nonsense, straight forward professional. Her approach most definitely supports her philosophy of "brief therapy" in that if you engage in the process, and follow the recommendations for "homework" outside of therapy sessions, you will see rapid and positive change. She doesn't take sides when it comes to couples therapy.

Anonymous, Bloomfield Hills, MI