Positive change for a life of possibilities

With the help of Dr. Stulberg and the Birmingham Family Therapy Clinic, you'll learn to:

  • Expand problem-solving possibilities
  • Attempt new behaviors
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your dreams

You'll learn techniques and develop tools to weather life's rough spots, and apply what you've learned to future situations, so you can handle new dilemmas on your own.

Dr. Stulberg and her staff use innovative techniques that accelerate healing from individual struggles and relationship problems to family issues and marital conflict. But that's not all. You'll also learn to:

  • Resolve conflicts, not repeat them
  • Achieve honest, respectful two-way communication that actually prevents arguments
  • Improve interaction with others
  • Bring balance back into relationships with family, friends, employees, and employers
  • Build intimacy without sacrificing your own identity
  • Replace resentment with respect, so arguments give way to caring conversations, resolved problems, and truly intimate relationships
  • Clear past issues that affect the present

How does this work?

You learn tools you need for change now.

Dr. Stulberg explains her work with clients like this: "Working with me is a collaborative effort. By becoming conversational partners, together we develop possibilities for healing where none seemed to exist before, and find the solutions that work best for you." Sessions with Dr. Stulberg are educational, lively, and informative. Examining your decision making process, she helps you discover new behaviors that may be best to achieve your goals. She often suggests homework, such as record-keeping to collect "examples" of the frequency of occurrence of a given situation, or experiment with and fine-tune a new behavior - all to speed up the healing process.

How does change last?

You break free from repetitive patterns.

By taking a central role in your therapy, you will learn how you may have become stuck in problem-solving habits that failed to resolve your dilemmas - behaviors that need to be re-examined, so they can be altered to fit your life's circumstances now.

Expectations of yourself and others influence your behavior, creating conflict and repetition. These habits limit the stability of our relationships and the meaning we give to conflicts.

Dr. Stulberg and the Birmingham Family Therapy Clinic will help you identify, re-examine and re-organize your problem-solving habits, and help you translate them into positive behavior patterns. You will be delighted at the results of these changes.

As so many clients have said - Dr. Stulberg helped me to change the way I treat others, and myself; to reach goals beyond what I expected to be capable of achieving.