Are you worried how your fighting is affecting your children?

  • Do they cry when you fight?
  • Are they becoming withdrawn or showing mood changes?
  • Are they using drugs or alcohol to cope?
  • Are their grades dropping?
  • Is there a change in their friendships?
  • Are they refusing to communicate with you?

It's not the fighting that's the problem, it's the way you fight and that problems never get resolved.

And your children are not only watching the way you fight but learning lessons as well. From a very young age, children learn from the most important people in their lives, their parents. There is a significant correlation between what a child learns from those closest and how those lessons affect their future relationships with others.

If you or your partner learned unhealthy communication patterns from your own families, you may be repeating those patterns; even if you told yourself growing up "I'll never be like that." Unfortunately, while you may be very motivated, it takes learning a different set of communication skills to avoid those unhealthy fighting behaviors.

That's where we can help. Let us teach you the skills to resolve healthy arguments. With Brief-Therapy, you'll learn techniques and develop tools to successfully deal with conflict. You can then apply what you've learned to future situations, and effectively handle new dilemmas on your own.