Have you lost confidence in your ability to fix your relationship?

Perhaps all of your efforts that have resolved these same issues in the past are no longer working and you are at your breaking point.

You may be feeling... 

  • Lonely in your relationship
  • That intimacy and sex are unfulfilling or non-existent
  • Like the only emotions that you have left are anger or indifference
  • That your partner doesn't care about you or your needs
  • Stuck in the relationship
  • Like all of your hard work is going unnoticed
  • That the only time that you communicate is when you are yelling
  • Like you are at the bottom of the priority list
  • Out of love with your partner

These issues which you are trying to resolve may not be new, but the reponse certainly is.  Somone's perspective has changed. And that change may be effecting your daily ( and night time) functioning. There are many factors that influence one's reaction to repeated, negative, unresolved behaviors.  It could be a life-altering event, a lifestyle change, children leaving home, or simply being tired and fed up.  Indeed, it is often surprising when one partner shifts their perspective and refuses to settle for the same old responses to these unresolved issues.  The bottom line is...You need to see significant change...Now.

So stop wasting time trying to resolve these critical issues on your own!

Contact me today!  And let's get that relationship back on track.

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For over 25 years, Dr. Tracey Stulberg has successfully treated hundreds of couples - dating, engaged or married - teaching them skills to resolve their issues and create healthy, loving relationships in less than 10 sessions using Brief-Therapy. 

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What is Brief Therapy?

At the Birmingham Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. we practice Brief Therapy. Brief Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that utilizes client’s strengths and resources to help them effectively identify and resolve situations. Brief therapists help clients set realistic and measurable goals so that therapy is time-limited, ending when goals have been met. Brief therapy is successfully used to help couples, families, and individuals find long lasting solutions in a brief period of time - usually in less than 10 sessions. Learn more about the benefits of Brief Therapy.

What is Brief Marriage Counseling?

marriage.jpgBrief Marriage Counseling gives you the tools to achieve honest, respectful, two-way communication that actually prevents arguments. You can replace resentment with respect and replace arguments with caring conversations. New skills allow you to build intimacy without sacrificing your individual identities.

Brief Marriage Counseling focuses on clearing away past issues that continue to affect your present situation while developing new skills to solve your current issues. Working individually and together, you can heal old wounds, address conflicting priorities and betrayal of trust, and bring balance back into your lives. Habitual patterns of negative interaction can be replaced by fresh, passionate, love-enhancing behavior.

Whether you are about to make a relationship commitment, want to improve a good relationship, or want to save a very troubled one, Brief marriage counseling can make a significant contribution.

Length of Therapy

Couples therapy or marriage counseling sessions are client focused and solution directed using Brief Therapy. Clients collaborate with Dr. Stulberg in creating desired goals then actively participate in homework directed to test and fine- tune the skills used to resolve issues and achieve their goals. Therefore, therapy becomes more efficient and effective. Most clients successfully resolve their issues in 5 - 10 sessions!!

How to chose a Marriage Counselor or Marriage Therapist

Choosing a marriage therapist may be one of the most important relationship decisions that you make. Here are some guidelines to help you make a knowledgeable decision in improving your marriage.

  1. Make sure that you have chosen a licensed marriage counselor or licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). Licensed marriage counselors (more commonly referred to as marriage and family therapists, family therapists or MFT’s) are mental health professionals with a minimum of a master’s degree and two years of supervised clinical experience by a licensed marriage and family therapist. Only then are they licensed by their state as a LMFT.
  2. Make sure that your licensed marriage counselor has specific training and experience in marriage and family therapy. Are they a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)? While individual therapists focus on indentifying or processing feelings, marriage therapists require a very different set of skills. They focus on all clients’ descriptions and interaction patterns within their relationship while helping clients set realistic and measurable goals to resolve the issues that occur between them. Clinical members of AAMFT are licensed marriage and family therapists specifically trained to diagnose and treat these relationship problems from a family systems perspective and are experienced in providing marriage counseling. Only clinical members of AAMFT have met the educational, supervision and training standards of the association and are state licensed MFT’s. Make sure that your marriage counselor is a LMFT and clinical member of AAMFT.
  3. Think with your gut. I tell all of my clients, you are the consumer. If you feel that your marriage counselor is helping, then you will know in a few sessions. Stick with it, even when the work is hard. Trust your gut.

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